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Это сообщество посвящено музыке, другим культурным и наркотическим явлениям восьмидесятых.

Есть что сказать о Madchester, C-86, Shoegaze, New Wave, Twee, Synth Pop, Post-Punk и College Rock, культуре Великобритании, Америки восьмидесятых и вещах sound like that? Говори, руководствуясь своим великолепным вкусом и чувством прекрасного!



14 iced bears, 808 state, a witness, age of chance, aztec camera, beat happening, belle and sebastian, big flame, black grape, bob, bog-shed, bubblegum splash, c-86, chapterhouse, close lobsters, clouds, college rock, east village, echo & the bunnymen, emf, factory rec, hacienda, half man half biscuit, happy mondays, heavenly, hellfire sermons, hey paulette, inspiral carpets, james, joy division, kitchens of distinction, loop, lush, madchester, mccarthy, miaow, mighty mighty, modern english, music, my bloody valentine, new order, new wave, north of cornwallis, oldschool hip-hop, pop will eat itself, primal scream, razorcuts, remember fun, ride, rodney allen, shoegaze, shop assistants, siouxsie and the banshees, slowdive, softies, st. christopher, stump, synth pop, talking heads, talulah gosh, television personalities, the bachelor pad, the bodines, the boo radleys, the brilliant corners, the charlatans, the church, the church grims, the corn dollies, the darling buds, the fall, the farm, the field mice, the flatmates, the groove farm, the honest johns, the human league, the man from delmonte, the mighty lemon drops, the mock turtles, the orchids, the parachute men, the pastels, the pooh sticks, the popguns, the primitives, the psychedelic furs, the raw herbs, the redskins, the rosehips, the sea urchins, the servants, the shrubs, the smiths, the soup dragons, the stone roses, the sunflowers, the telescopes, the vaselines, the verve, the waltones, the wedding present, the wolfhounds, this poison!, twee, xtc

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